Energy and Steam Loss Management

Increasing operating efficiency makes your facility safer, while also drastically reducing operations and maintenance costs. Eliminating leaking High Pressure Process (HPP) lines and repairing failing equipment both play critical roles in achieving improved plant performance.

SealTech was founded in 1983 to augment our customers' operations and maintenance departments. Though our organization has grown and evolved over the years, we continue to provide aggressive, proven energy management strategies. SealTech services and programs are designed to optimize operations and maintenance time and personnel, delivering real savings.

• Unit and Facility Audits
SealTech measures equipment performance by auditing your plant's steam, air, and nitrogen systems. The audit data SealTech generates is used to make informed decisions about maintenance and operations priorities and budgets.

• Steam Traps Audits
SealTech understands that steam traps are often overlooked as a source of lost revenue and inefficiencies in plant operations. Our service technicians evaluate steam trap function and quantify the trap's operating efficiency. Understanding steam trap performance enables SealTech customers to recognize the value of implementing targeted steam trap replacement and maintenance strategies.

• Leak Abatement Programs
When compounded facility wide, even "small" air, nitrogen, and steam leaks -- often overlooked individually -- can add up to a significant threat to safety or production loss. With this in mind many SealTech customers take a proactive approach, contracting SealTech to identify, document and manage leaks through 1st attempts and re-monitoring.

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