Hydraulic Bolting & Torque Services

Hydraulic bolt tensioning is a semi-automated process, substantially more accurate than bolt torqueing and delivering a precise residual bolt load. Bolt tensioning enables a hydraulic load, more commonly known as the applied load, to act upon the stud bolt. The effect is similar to the stretching of a spring, and the stud bolt is elongated.

SealTech has trained technicians and state-of- the-art equipment for all your bolting needs. Our technicians use the latest equipment and tools available to perform your onsite technical bolting applications. As a qualified service partner, SealTech provides optimal solutions to the most challenging torque and tension applications. We offer stud tensioning equipment in all sizes and ultrasonic stress measuring for critical flange documentation. When studs are damaged and must be replaced, SealTech will machine out old studs, preserving the internal threads, if possible, or oversize and rethread the hole, if required. SealTech’s trained technicians provide bolt services in exchangers, man ways, valves, fin fan headers, flange to flange, towers, B.O.P.’s, pumps and compressors.

We have a proven track record of managing everything from complex jobs to more standard, day-to-day plant requirements. Put SealTech’s experience to work for you on bolting applications including:

  • Broken stud replacement
  • Hot bolting
  • Standard torque and tensioning applications
  • Nut splitting
  • Stud removal
  • Complete range of box and low profile wrenches
  • Custom reaction arms
  • Re-torquing after a shutdown or turnaround

Trusted. Reliable. Safe.

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24-Hour Emergency Call Out Service Available.

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