Energy Audits and Management

Over the years SealTech has worked with customers to prevent, manage, and repair almost every imaginable industrial leak and process scenario. We use our extensive experience and data from customer facilities to calculate process energy loss using an industry-accepted formula approved by the Council of Industrial Boiler Owners. SealTech quantifies leaks based upon steam conditions, ambient temperature, and visible steam plume length. In addition, our technicians have access to infrared cameras that measure steam and gas loss. Infrared images are used to document before and after system repair performance and confirm leak resolution.

Actual customer data compiled during a one-year study of a SealTech program.

*Customer investment of $250K resulted in a $24M facility savings on operation and maintenance costs (year-on-year) or a 96X return on investment.

ROI = % 250K / 24M (make it a %)
Utility Loss by component origin

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